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When it comes to something as serious as teeth, parents want to make sure they choose the best possible care.  A beautiful, healthy smile is among one of the most important investments a parent can make for their child’s future. In addition, no one wants to deal with a dental practice that is hard to communicate with, difficult to get an appointment at and doesn’t care to listen to their individual wants and needs.

Dr. Waschak Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics delivers a superior dentist experience.  We go the extra mile in ensuring that your entire journey with us is enjoyable and valuable.  Everything from scheduling an appointment, to filling out paperwork, to even guiding you through the office, has been considered so that it will be as smooth as possible.  We’re a “YES” office meaning we will always find a solution that will work for you and we’ll never turn a patient away.  The atmosphere in our office reflects our dedication to providing excellent dental care.  Instead of entertaining your child, we focus on educating them so they can take the best care of their teeth.  Your entire experience with Dr. Waschak Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics will be of the utmost quality and care.

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We want your family to have the best overall health as possible and that’s why keeping your teeth healthy is so very important.

“We’re a ‘YES’ office!”

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