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5 Great Ideas for Halloween Costumes

October is here, which means your kids have probably already been thinking about Halloween costumes for at least a few months – but let’s face it, it falls to the parents to actually buy or make those costumes, so you definitely get some sway. Guide them away from the typical superhero or princess ideas and opt for a more creative costume this year! Here at Dr. Waschak’s office, we’re (obviously) big on dental health, so we put together some cute themed costume ideas that will definitely set your family apart from the crowd.

Tooth Fairy

If your little one has her heart absolutely set on being a princess or fairy, dressing up as the tooth fairy is a fun twist on the theme. Top a white outfit with a tutu, fairy wings and a crown, then cut two tooth shapes out of thick card stock and cover them in glitter. When they’re dry, sandwich them around the end of a wooden dowel and glue the teeth in place to make a wand fit for a tooth fairy.


We happen to know that dentists aren’t scary! Dressing your child up as the friendly neighborhood dentist is a super-easy costume option. Grab a pair of scrubs and a dental face mask with ear loops, stick a few toothbrushes in the scrub top’s pocket and you’re ready for trick-or-treating. This is one costume that works for the whole family!

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

This makes a great pair costume for two kids, or for a parent and child. Buy costumes online, or go the DIY route. Paint the toothpaste logo on a long white T-shirt (or an extra-long pillow case with holes cut out for the head and arms) and top the outfit with a paper chef’s hat, old lampshade or white plastic trash bucket as a “cap.” To be a toothbrush, dress in one color from head to toe. Choose a shirt that has a hood. Rubber-band plastic straws into clusters to make bristles, then pull up the hood and tuck the bristles in all around your face. Carefully use pins to keep them in place.

Darla from Finding Nemo

Does your child like going off the beaten track a bit? Is she a huge Finding Nemo fan? If so, help her dress up like Darla, the rambunctious little girl who accidentally frees Nemo during her dental appointment. Your little Darla will need red pigtails, a purple shirt, a plaid skirt, a green dental bib and a bag filled with water and a toy fish. Bonus points if your child wears braces like Darla.

When Halloween’s over, share your Halloween photos on Dr. Waschak’s Facebook page! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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