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Creating the local BUZZ

 As a dental practice it is our primary goal to educate your children on proper brushing techniques and healthy habits to maintain a beautiful smile.  The next step in their dental journey may be to align their smile through our orthodontic treatment, providing balanced facial esthetics and a functional bite.  However, what happens beyond that?

We hope by sharing healthy tips and tricks or fun local happenings on our blog we will be able to create a buzz and build relationships in our community that go beyond our dental office.


Whats the buzznow? 

The merry holidays, and all the delicious foods that come along with it.  It’s not easy saying no to all the sweets and baked delights we share at gatherings, which is why most of us sign up for those New Year’s deals at the gym.

But what if there was a simple plan we could follow that involved some healthy changes but allowed us to enjoy the holiday treats and festivities?

We found this easy to use plan by a local health coach in Medford who takes “Crushing the holiday cravings” to the next level.



Crushing the Holiday Cravings – By Balanced Wellness with Sarah Nicholson


Your daily goal each and every day should be half of your body weight, in ounces of water… I know that can be daunting but trust me, once you stop spending all day in the bathroom, you will feel amazing!  The day before, the day of, and especially after a holiday meal, party, gathering, fun time, etc. it is wise to increase our water a bit, this helps flush out the inevitable extras you may have imbedded in those pesky holding cells.



This is a game plan, strategy session between you and the yummy desserts and drinks that come along with the holiday season.  My advice: chose either the dessert or the drinks.  NOT BOTH!!



‘Tis the season of yummy foods!  Please enjoy & simply keep your portions under control.  I mean real portion sizes, not thanksgiving portion sizes.  Decide on a plate and commit to filling that plate with the following: protein, some healthy fats, fiber, and greens.  Once your plate is full of the essentials add on the extras; rolls, bread, stuffing and all of the other yummies.  I know you think you need seconds, you do not need seconds!


Get outside!  I know it will probably be cold, bundle up and do it anyway!  I also recommend increasing your physical activity the day prior, day of, and day after an event.  This helps get your metabolism moving, keeps it going after the fun, and the day after will help with the inevitable flush of the extra goodies.



Do what helps keep you sane, stable and even happy & joyful!  Sleep well, sweat, follow your plan, take a nap, hide for 5 minutes to re-group… whatever it takes. Let your support team know what you need, its ok to get some help.



Saving precious TIME though the holidays

Are you feeling like time is slipping between your fingers? (who isn’t?)  Work, family, holiday shopping, planning and dinners can make your head feel like it’s about to spin off its axis!  Eating healthy and meal prepping may feel like the it’s the last thing you’re ready to squeeze into your already busy schedule.

However, there is finally an option to eating healthy AND maintaining your busy schedule or saving the cherished time we can’t get enough of.

PNW Local Delights is a Rogue local business aiming to do just that!  Saving time while delivering healthy locally sourced options to Rogue Valley residents!

PNW Local Delights offers many different dietary needs, such as vegan meals, anti-inflammatory, gluten free and paleo!  Choose from their “weekly delights”, a menu that changes every week for a refreshing new theme, or, they have many bulk and a-la-cart items!  All pre-cooked and delivered to a drop off location, or right to your door step.  It’s that easy!

Eating healthy and taking care of your body will almost instantaneously show its benefits, such as:

More energy

Better gut health

Healthier teeth and gums

Healthier glowing skin

Less cold and flu symptoms

Better sleep


And much more!


Take charge of your health today for a more fulfilled tomorrow.


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Follow the link below to learn more about PNW Local Delights.



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