New Years Resolutions – For Kids

We’re already in the second week of a brand new year!  Welcome to 2019!

Most of us are are gearing up to start on our New Year’s resolution goals.  More commonly we see people signing up for new gym memberships or starting a new clean eating program.  Others are trying to become more organized or set goals for financial freedom.

We find New Year’s resolutions to be beneficial for the sole purpose of keeping ourselves accountable to making changes we truly desire.

Do you remember the first year you made a New Year’s resolution?  How old were you?

We love this article about children and their New Year’s resolutions!

Does your child have a New Year’s resolution?

This could be a fun activity to do with your child at home on a blistery day.  Find out what their goals and dreams are.  Encourage your child to achieve their goals and set goals along with them.


Stop Eating Junk Food

“My girls decided on no more fast food “minus a pizza every now and then,” and we figured if we can cut that out, it would be a good lifestyle change. We already limit junk food that comes in the house.”

Start Exercising

“My 9-year-old son has resolved to run with me three days a week. My 7-year-old son wants to play more with his brothers.”

Donate Hair to Locks of Love

“My girls did theirs this summer; they donated 10 inches of their hair to Locks of Love, in honor of my cousin, who died of cancer and in honor of my best friend, who is 29 and fighting stage 4 breast cancer.”