Braces and Candy

School is right around the corner.  Which also means the holidays are coming up!  Yep, I said it!  Halloween candy, delicious holiday sweets and treats.  Well, if you’ve recently started Orthodontic treatment, or you are considering starting it for yourself or child, you’ve probably heard all the “don’ts” involving candy and braces.

Commonly, orthodontic treatment lasts anywhere from 18 months to 3 years. At some point, most patients are bound to crave a caramel delight or candied sweet and sour during treatment. It may be tempting to cave to the crave, just once won’t do any damage will it?  Or will it?

Sugar, in General, Is Off Limits

When we get down to brass tax, candy is loaded with sugar and it’s bad for your health weather you have braces or not.  The acidic bacteria that demolish teeth are primarily found in sugar and carbohydrates.  Brackets, bands and wires are an additional space or item for sugar bugs to attach to or hide in, which tooth decay becomes an almost certainty, which should be incentivizing enough to steer away from your temptations. 

Let’s debunk the myth of “a certain type of candy is okay….”  No, it’s all the same.  The more places sugar can hide and sit on your teeth, the more havoc is bound to wreak. Hard and sticky candy are especially bad.  When you bite down on those candies, your teeth become stressed by force.  This force may cause your braces to stress, wires to break or cause a component to pop off of the orthodontic system.

Treats You Can Eat

A sweet tooth can be difficult to get rid of without appeasing it. Fortunately, you can still satisfy a sweet tooth without compromising your smile. Some sweets you can eat while undergoing orthodontic treatment are as follows:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Sugar-free gum
  • Cookies
  • Smoothies or milkshakes
  • Ice-cream

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