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Back to School Tips for Parents

Now that the kids are headed back to school soon, it’s time to re-establish school routines that were lost over the summer. Getting a head start on resetting these routines can make for a happier and healthier household heading into the school year! Here are five daily routines that are helpful to your children’s lives.


During the summer, your kids may have woken up and fallen asleep whenever they wanted to. While that may work well during vacation, it’s disruptive during the school year. Consistent bedtimes and wake-up times ensure that they get enough sleep and that they don’t have to stress themselves (or you!) getting ready for the bus. You also don’t want to have to nag at them to get out of bed, which can happen if they’re sleep-deprived.

Better After-School Snacking

Snacks are a great way to tide kids over until it’s time for dinner when they come home hungry after school and other activities. But it’s easy for unhealthy food to lead to problems! Make it easy for your kids to grab a healthy snack when they come in the door, and establish how many snacks they can have in a given day. Choose fresh fruit or vegetable snacks, or limited amounts of milk or cheese as a tooth-healthy snack.

Homework and Studying

Create a set time for homework and studying to happen every day. While your children may not always have homework that they need to worry about, establishing this routine can help them get into work-mode. If they don’t have homework, make this a time for extracurricular reading or educational games. Just keep your routine consistent so it becomes habitual for your kids.

Active Playtime

Let your kids burn off some energy through active playtime – every day, if you can. And it’s even better if you can do this routine together as a family. You can mix up the activities or let them pick what they’d like to do during this time, whether that’s playing in a kiddie pool, throwing a frisbee, or playing tag. The types of play that they like to engage in will change over the years, so make sure that you stay flexible with this routine. You can also balance it out with some quiet downtime, such as reading, drawing, or coloring.

Proper Dental Care

Establishing a good dental routine early on is essential for keeping everyone’s smiles healthy for the rest of their lives. Definitely make this part of the morning and bedtime routines, but it would be ideal if you could also encourage your kids to brush their teeth after mealtimes too. Need help getting your kids invested in their dental routine? Check out our “6 ways to make dental care fun for kids.”

Daily tooth care is essential to tooth health and a healthy smile. Be sure to make your kid’s next dental appointment with Dr. Waschak if you haven’t already – call us at 541-435-2393.

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