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Orthodontic Treatment – The Benefits

Braces have had the reputation of primarily being an aesthetic procedure.  However, with modern advances and studies, Orthodontics have shown to

Why Dental Exams are Essential

Regular dental exams are essential for children as they are a crucial part of preventive health care. However, the common thought

Behavior Guidance in Pediatric Dentistry

Taking our children to the dentist can be one of two things and sometimes both.  In rare, perfect moments our children

New Years Resolutions – For Kids

We’re already in the second week of a brand new year!  Welcome to 2019! Most of us are are gearing

Creating the local BUZZ

 As a dental practice it is our primary goal to educate your children on proper brushing techniques and healthy habits

4 Easy Steps to Avoid The Coffee Stains!

Has the “fall back” got you pouring that extra cup of energy on the go? While we may be seeking

How to Enjoy Halloween & Protect Your Dental Health

  Halloween is supposed to be all about fun, and cavities are anything but. Happily, protecting your kids’ dental health

5 Great Ideas for Halloween Costumes

October is here, which means your kids have probably already been thinking about Halloween costumes for at least a few

Teach Your Kids About the Dentist – with Children’s Books!

Did you know that September is National Literacy Month? Parents, teachers and students place a focus on celebrating reading and

Celebrate the Health Benefits of Honey

Did you know that September is National Honey Month? Every year in the United States, Americans celebrate and promote beekeeping, the