Joining Dental Health Care Club

The Dental Health Club

We are very excited to introduce Dr. Waschak’s Dental Health Care Club (DHCC)! We are committed to our patients and their health. It is our goal to greet all of our patients as we would our own family and to provide the best possible experience for your family.

Just as with other areas of health care, dental care is an investment in overall long-term health. The healthier one’s mouth, the healthier one’s body overall. AND, the healthier you are, the lower your overall medical costs!

Recent studies have indicated strong ties between heart disease and other systemic (whole body) problems that can rob us of our vitality, energy, quality of life and money! Overall health begins with our mouths!

We want your family to have the best overall health as possible, and because that starts with the mouth, we have created the Dental Health Care Club. With this new program, now that is not only possible, but affordable too!


LEVEL ONE: The level one membership has a value of over $500 with an annual savings of $200 per year.

LEVEL TWO: The level two membership has a value of almost $1,000, for a saving of over $400 per year.

LEVEL THREE: With our level three membership valued at $1,500 a family of four can save over $700 per year for services.

OTHER TREATMENTS: We also offer our club members savings of up to 20% on additional dental treatments you need excluding orthodontic treatment.
FREE TOOTHBRUSH PROGRAM: That’s right…whenever you need a new toothbrush, just stop by and we’ll give you one for FREE, anytime you want!
NO WAITING PERIOD: Many insurance policies require a waiting period before you can access your benefits, but not with the Dr. Waschak Dental Health Care Club.


Each year, each club member will receive a comprehensive dental exam, x-ray (2 sets of x-rays for level 2 and 3 members), and 2 cleanings.


In order to qualify for these benefits you simply need to remain a member in good standing and keep your dues current. There is a minimum of a 12 month commitment which renews automatically at the end of your first 12 months, for an additional 12 months. Any benefits not used in each 12 month period expire and will not carry over into the next 12 month period.

Frequently asked questions

Is this an “Insurance” program?
No. This is not an insurance program or offering of any kind. Think of it as a a loyalty or rewards program for your kids dentist!

Does it work with my existing insurance?
No. This is not an insurance program or offering of any kind. Think of it as a a loyalty or rewards program for your kids dentist!

Is it portable to other dental offices or health care providers?
No. This is a program exclusively designed, set up and administered by Dr. Waschak.

Additional Information
Your Dental Health Care Club (DHCC) membership can not be combine with any other offers.


“I would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND DR.Waschak Pediatric Dentistry. He is very knowledgeable and his establishment is very clean and professional. My son just said today that Dr. Waschak is by far his favorite dentist. My youngest cried today because she didn’t get to see the dentist. So as a parent Dr. Waschak is my families #1 CHOICE !!” -Leah Wise