The Low Radiation X-Ray Process


A dental x-ray is a picture of a patient’s teeth, mouth, and jaw that allows the dentist to clearly view the soft tissues, bones, and teeth. Dental x-rays help the dentist find cavities and other oral health issues such as impacted wisdom teeth that can’t be seen with a regular examination. The typical x-ray uses an outdated film method, but we use a more advanced digital x-ray option. In comparison to conventional film x-rays, our digital x-ray machines have the following advantages:

– Digital x-rays are instantaneous which allows our dentists to immediately review them resulting in faster appointments for our patients. The x-rays are also saved on a computer for later referencing.

– Digital x-rays can be magnified and reveal things that film x-rays can’t.

– Digital x-ray machines use 50% less radiation than film x-rays.

“Finally found a dentist that my kids are comfortable with andtreat them the way you’d hope all dentists treat their patients. Well worth the 2 hour drive we make.”

-Luke O’Laughlin