Many of us have heard the dreaded words from our dentist.

“You have a cavity”

But what really is a cavity and what does it mean for your teeth?

cavity is a damaged area in the hard part of your tooth that results in permanent tiny holes in the damaged tooth. They can be caused by many things like bacteria, frequent snacking on sugary things, and not brushing your teeth well. Without treatment, the holes can get larger and cause real pain and damage.

Sometimes, cavities form without us knowing. But, if you experience toothache, pockets forming in your teeth, or a higher sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks, these may be signs that you have a cavity. People of all ages can experience cavities. With frequent dental checkups, healthy brushing habits, and proper care, you can avoid such damage well.

If you think you may have a cavity, or want to check in for a cleaning, book an appointment with Dr. Waschak today!