The Holiday seasons bring out the sweet tooth in most of us, but that shouldn’t mean your teeth have to suffer! When it comes to sweets, it is not about saying never but like most things, enjoying in moderation and with other healthy habits in place. Not enjoying a sweet snack after a hard night’s work of trick or treating is no fun, so here are our best tips for healthy teeth and happy kids this year!

  1. One is fun! Eating a lot of sweets lowers the pH balance in your mouth, lowering your natural ability to fight off bacteria and prevent cavities. Limit the sweet treats to just that…an occasional treat.
  2. Chose the right sweets!Gummy and chewy candies are more likely to stick in between and on your teeth and hard candies let sugar linger in your mouth. A small chocolate bar or something quick with few bites is a lot better for your mouth.
  3. Brush your teeth frequently!As sweet as it is, that sugary saliva lingering in your mouth in no good. Brushing your teeth 30 minutes after eating is best practice for keeping your teeth healthy and bright.

Don’t be afraid to celebrate the sweet (and spooky) moments with your kids this season, and with healthy habits, you can keep their smiles big and hearts happy.